• My place

    In Spring-Summer-Fall 2016,

    iFrom organizes customized tour packages in

    Romagna, Italy

    A strategic position

    Between Venice and Florence

    Romagna is a beautiful area in the North-East of Italy. Between Venice and Florence (only 2 hours by train), and between the (Apennines) mountains and the (Adriatic) sea, Romagna runs from Bologna to the Eastern Italian coast following the "via Aemilia", an old route built by the Romans in the 2nd century B.C.

    A richly diversified area

    Nice hills, medieval towns, and the sea

    Many old towns and middle-sized cities (such as Ravenna, Rimini, Cesena, Faenza) create a highly multifaceted landscape, with a very rich historical, social and cultural texture: art history, natural beauty, sense of community, vintage traditions, food culture, and a vibrant, modern cultural life.

  • Your pace

    From April to October, we can take care of your stay.

    According to your own interests and desires, we will create

    a puzzle of personal experiences,

    to shape unique days of pleasure.

    A broad sense of culture

    For wine and beer connoisseurs, for fashion and art lovers, for festival addicts

    ...whether you want to walk through vineyards and discover how famous wine gets made, or meet local craftsmen in their art studios, or attend a top art/music performance in hay-field among the bales...




    Comfort food, comfort sleep, comfort views

    For you gourmet! From starred chefs to the best gelato and local "piadina" kiosks, supporting special diets (vegan, vegetarian, food intolerance)

    ...whether you want to stop by old harbours and eat freshly caught fish, or visit medieval castles, then eat&sleep in a quality farmhouse ("agriturismo") with swimming pools and beautiful views on the valleys... 

    Handmade pasta can be a sport

    For those who like things from scratch: rolling, biking, paddling (childfriendly activitities)

    ...whether you want to bike on the hills of typical "calanchi", or do a paddle boat race, or learn how to hand-make pasta...